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Sunday, 30 July 2017


Four men behind an alleged terror plot to bring down an international flight leaving Sydney may have planned to do so using poisonous gas.

VIDEO Alleged terror plotters planned to bring down Sydney to Middle East flight
A picture of the alleged plot to attack a commercial airliner is becoming clearer after the four men were arrested at the weekend, part of what police believe is a terror cell.
The men reportedly planned on using poisonous gas, released in the cabin, to kill hundreds of people on board.
Another theory is a bomb was to be hidden inside a meat mincer, which police have seized, and taken on board.

It's alleged the plot involved poisonous gas. Source: 7 News
The four men were not known to authorities, and it’s believed they were taking instructions from Islamic State militants in Syria.
It can also be revealed that a homemade bomb was discovered following the arrest of four men following Saturday’s raids across Sydney.
According to one source, the explosive was “ready to go” and that’s why Joint Counter Terrorism Teams jumped.

A file photo shows police patrolling Melbourne Airport as security is ramped up at airports across the country. Source: AAP
The men have not yet been charged.
A magistrate has granted a request from investigators to extend the period they’re allowed to keep the men in custody with the four to be questioned over the next seven days.
Police are investigating an old-school terror plot; no lone wolf attacks, knives, guns or cars to run people over with.
This, police say, was a return to sophistication; an alleged plan to smuggle home made explosive devices on board a long haul flight to the Middle East, possibly Dubai, and blow it up.

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Sydney residents had no warning before terror raids

VIDEO Sydney residents given no warning before terror raids
“At this stage, four people have been arrested and a considerable amount of material has been seized by police,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.
Seven News has been told the four include a father and son.
Mahmoud Khaylat was dragged from his home at Lakemba, almost naked, wearing only a towel.
His father Khaled was arrested at his home in nearby Wiley Park.
Karled Merhe and his relative Abdul Merhe were arrested in other raids.
Police are sorting through evidence to see if there is a basis to charge them.
“You can’t wait,” NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said.

One of the arrested men pictured with a bandaged head. Photo: 7 News
“You can’t wait until you put the whole puzzle together. You have to go early because if you get it wrong the consequences are severe.
Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said the threat had to be taken seriously.
“In that, itself, you should infer we think that this was credible and that there was an intention,” he said.

A near-naked man is taken into custody. Photo: 7 News
Justice Minister Michael Keenan said it was the 13th time agencies had disrupted such plans.

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